2016-2017 Quarter 1 Pride Paper

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2015-2016 Quarter 4 Pride Paper

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WJMS Literary Magazine

West Jordan Middle School is proud to announce the inaugural edition of our literary magazine: WJMS Roar. The students of West Jordan Middle School are excited to share their art and literature with you. Each issue will focus on an idea students are exploring. We invite you to explore those ideas along with us as you enjoy our creativity. The first edition focuses on friendship.

LOL: “Living Our Legacy” at WJMS — on Facebook

In 2013, we undertook the task of digitizing all the photographs we could find from our school’s history, dating back to its beginning in 1958, when we were the West Jordan Junior High Shamrocks. The task included going through every PTA scrapbook, memory book, and photo album the school owned, digitizing each photo, and cataloging them all on our school’s Facebook page. We ended up posting approximately 2,000 photographs, calling it our LOL (“Living Our Legacy”) Project.

Fast-forward three years. In February of 2016 our librarian, Mrs. Morey, discovered in a back room a large box of over 3,000 slides (none from the previous 2,000) from our school’s past, most of which were taken in the 1980s and 1990s. Unfortunately, the slides were not in any order, and most were not labeled.

IMG_5750 copy

While we were delighted to find this new treasure trove of photos, many of which had not been viewed for over a quarter of a century, we were faced with the daunting task of how to digitize so many slides. Thanks to a bit of research, we discovered an inexpensive way to digitize the photos, which required taking a standard table lamp, turning it on, and placing a white Corelle plate on top of its shade. By placing each slide on the plate and zooming in with the camera in macro mode, one can obtain a fairly detailed image of the original slide. While this had to take place one slide at a time (imagine doing that 3,000 times!), it was an effective method in preserving our school’s remarkable history.

Now we turn this project over to you, our community. We are in need of identifying people in the pictures, as well as the year each was taken. Are you in any of the pictures? Do you know someone who is? Let us know. Also, please pay special attention to the “Photos from Unidentified Years” folders. If you can positively identify the year a specific photograph was taken, please let us know, and we will place it in the correct school year. Click the link below to enjoy this wonderful journey into our school’s past:

WJMS Photo Albums. Happy viewing!

Quarter 3 Pride Paper

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Take Our School Climate Survey
All parents/guardians and students are invited to participate. The purpose of this survey is to gather input about school climate and the effectiveness of the teachers and administrators at our school. Responses are anonymous and no personal information will be collected. Reports will be made available for teachers and administrators to use in their school improvement efforts.

The survey is short, taking less than 10 minutes to complete.  This feedback is highly valuable to us; please take a moment to express your appreciation and/or thoughts for improvement. The survey can be found online at:


There will also be computers available at our school’s parent teacher conferences coming up on February 24th and 25th if you would like to complete the survey at that time. The survey is available in both English and Spanish.

Math Tutoring Now Available
We are excited to announce that we now offer daily after-school free math tutoring. Your child can receive free math help from 3:00 to 4:00 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays every single week. See our calendar on this page for locations.

Scholarship for 8th GradersAttention, parents of our 8th grade students: We have a scholarship for your child. It is called the Joseph R. and Mary K. Gardner Scholarship, and it is available ONLY FOR 8TH GRADE STUDENTS AT WEST JORDAN MIDDLE SCHOOL. Here is the link for information: http://www.utahcf.org/apply-for-a-grant/Apply-for-a-Scholarship/ Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Automatic Updates from Skyward
Parents, we know you want to be involved in your child’s education. Did you know that you can set up email alerts that automatically send you updates on your child’s grades, attendance, and lunch account money? For information on how to set up email alerts click here: How to Set up Email Alerts on Skyward

How Can You Help WJMS?
Would you like to help WJMS but don’t know how? Here are some programs you can access to help:
Donors Choose. Find out what your teachers need, and make a donation. Click here to find out more: Donors Choose.
Fuel Your School. Chevron has a program that donates money to schools. Click here to find out more: Fuel Your School.

Students with Disabilities: “Child Find” Program
West Jordan Middle School is commited to making sure that every child receives a public education regardless of disability. Children with disabilities may go without services because families are not fully aware of their options. If you feel that your child may need special education services, please contact our Counseling Center at 801-412-2115.

Subscribe to our Calendar
If you would like to subscribe to our calendar, please click on the icon at the bottom of the calendar on the right.

To help our students learn better, WJMS has its own World Book account for students to access at home. The website at home is www.worldbookonline.com, and access information is as follows:

* User: westjordan
* Password: lions

District Calendars
To access Jordan School District’s calendars, click here.

Customer Service
Have you experienced great customer service from one of our staff here at WJMS? If so, click here: JSD Applause.

What’s for lunch?
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Freshmen of the Week

Here are this weeks Freshmen of the Week!!

Congrats Maxwell and Ashanty!