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After School Activities

Math Tutoring
Free math tutoring is now available 3-4 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. Teachers and room locations are as follows:

  • Tues - Grimes 206
  • Wed - Rose 204
  • Thurs - Rose 204

Student Ambassadors Project

Student Ambassadors
The Student Ambassadors are committed to helping other students come together to make West Jordan Middle School a better place. Each month they organize an event that promotes social skills or celebrates diversity. Each week on Monday and Wednesday the Student Ambassadors run the Pride Card Store.

After-school Dance
We have three goals at after school dance: work hard, be confident, and have fun! Each practice we start with a workout, to build muscle and improve our stamina, then stretch before we work on our dance routines. We love to dance because it is a positive and healthy outlet, as well as a way to celebrate who we are!

MESA Trebuchet Project
In MESA we work on fun engineering projects, go on field trips, and work on developing future STEM professionals. Students join in Middle School, and continue with the program though High School, and on into college. There are many MESA scholarships and internships available. The idea is to funnel middle school kids into high paying STEM careers.