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West Jordan Middle School's PTA Board
The following have been nominated as the West Jordan Middle PTSA executive board for the 2016-2017 school year:
President: Melissa Gardner
Secretary: Kassie Brock
Treasurer: Michelle Whitchurch
Please consider helping PTSA and watch for volunteer opportunities to help with Reality Town, Memory Books, Reflections, Loyal Lions, and Teacher Appreciation! Thanks for helping make WJMS amazing!
If you want to help or have any concerns - please email


President: Melanie Johnson - 801-554-2140 (

Pres. Elect: Michelle Whitchurch - 801-815-7109 (

Treasurer: Jackie Stringham - 801-541-3094 (

Legislative VP: Tonia Starks - 801-898-6168 (

Secretary: Brooke Haslam - 801-633-7102 (

Principal: Dixie Garrison - 801-412-2100 (

VP: Tim Brooks - 801-412-2105 (

Teacher Rep: Janet Howe - 801-412-2100 (

Loyal Lions: Suzanne Atencio - 801-352-2365 (

Hospitality: Britny Hall - 801-865-0351 (

Hospitality: Kassie Brock - 720-427-7628 (

Reflections: Melissa Gardner - 801-574-1852 (

Memory Book: Jenny Baum (

Newsletter: Allison Morgan (

Ribbon Week: Denza Raiford (

Faculty Members:
Principal: Dixie Crowther (
Assistant Principal: Tim Brooks (
Teacher representative: Janet Howe (

PTA Meetings
PTA meetings are held monthly in the office located north of the main office (the "blue room"). Parents are welcome to attend. If you would like to add an item to the agenda, contact Michelle Whitchurch at 801-567-9180, or email her at

The PTA newsletter is published quarterly and emailed to parents. Hard copies are available in the main office. You can also read the newsletter by clicking the link below:

2014-15 Quarter 1 newsletter: Q1 PTA Newsletter
2014-15 Quarter 2 newsletter: Q2 PTA Newsletter
2014-15 Quarter 3 newsletter: Q3 PTA Newsletter
2014-15 Quarter 4 newsletter: Q4 PTA Newsletter

2013-14 Quarter 1 newsletter: Q1 PTA Newsletter
2013-14 Quarter 2 newsletter: Q2 PTA Newsletter
2013-14 Quarter 3 newsletter: Q3 PTA Newsletter
2013-14 Quarter 4 newsletter: Q4 PTA Newsletter

Reflections Contest

We encourage you to get your child involved in our Reflections Contest! To learn more about the contest, as well as download entry forms, click here: Reflections Contest. Submitting an entry in the Reflections Contest counts as an optional activity for the Loyal Lions Award.

Consider Volunteering in the PTA

If you are interested in joining WJMS's PTA Board, or simply want to volunteer, please contact Melanie Johnson: Tel 801-569-2380, email:

PTA Bylaws

PTA Bylaws